Sweet Potato Payasa/Pudding : Genasina gadde payasa

On the ocassion of VaraMahalakshmi pooja, I prepared Sweet Potato paayasa with Banana muluka and sweet and khara pongal.
Ingredients: Serves for 4 adult (Depending on their temptation though)

Sweet Potato - 3 big; Cut into 1 inch cubes
Sugar/Brown sugar - ~1 cup
Sooji Rava - 3 Tbs
Cardamom - 1tbs powdered
Cashews/Raisins - handful
Milk - 11/2 cup
Water - 1 cup
ghee - 1 tbs
Salt - a pinch or less then 1/8 tbs

  • Roast the sooji rava until brown or the nice aroma comes out of it and keep it aside
  • Boil the cubed sweet potato in water with salt and sugar for 10-12 minutes
  • Once the sweet potatoes are cooked, add the roasted sooji rava and add more water if required
  • Cook for sometime, stirring occasionally with spatula
  • Add milk and bring it to boil
  • Add ghee to pan, fry cashews and raisins for sometime
  • Add cardamom, cashews, raisins and cook for sometime on a low flame
  • Check for sweet consistency, add more sugar if desired
  • If it becomes too thick, add more milk
  • Serve hot or refrigerate and serve with your favorite ice cream..  tastes wonderful.
  • Enjoy!
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