Vibrant Purple Pasta

Purple cabbage, more commonly known as red cabbage, is a colorful variety from the brassica family. Purple cabbage has a relatively high ratio of nutrients and vitamins

Cooking Cabbage:

When you cook the purple cabbage, avoid boiling it, as the water will sap the nutrients from the vegetable. Sauteing purple cabbage works well for most dishes. When comparing purple cabbage to other varieties, the notable difference is the antioxidant levels. The deeper pigmentation in purple cabbage indicates a richer supply of anthocyanins, which can help lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration and many other diseases. (read more Here)


Whole wheat pasta (off your choice) : 1 cup
Purple cabbage - Shredded -2 cups
Chopped green bell pepper - 1/2 cup
Chopped Tomato - 1/2 cup
Alfredo sauce - 1/2 cup
Olive oil - 1 Tbs
garlic - 1 clove chopped finely
Salt and pepper
Dried basil, Rosemary, thyme
Prego pasta sauce (optional)

Easy steps:

1. Boil pasta according to the package.
2. While pasta is cooking,  prepare purple cabbage
3. Heat oil, saute garlic for few seconds.
4. Add purple cabbage, tomato, pepper
5. Add salt and pepper to taste
6. Give a nice mix, and saute them.
7. Cover and cook for couple of minutes.
8. Now add Alfredo sauce and turn the heat to low. saute if for couple of minutes.
9. Add the dried herbs.
10. Add the cooked pasta and pepper to taste
11. Mix it gently.
12. Serve the warm pasta with pasta sauce like prego (optional)
13.  I served with boiled corn to make my plate more colorful and healthy.
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Swati Sapna said...

I have never used purple cabbage in anything except salads! This is a really interesting combination... And am sure it tastes great!

Kumudha said...

I once used purple cabbage, and did not like it...

Purple pasta looks so good!

Anonymous said...
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