Art galary

Welcome to my other world!. If I am not cooking or blogging or playing with Arushi, I do this!.

1. Little hat for Arushi :
     I mixed 3 great ideas and made 1 hat. mostly made with single crochet, the raffles made with double crochet.


2. Flowers :
    1. Pink and white yard Dahlia : I made this with single, half double, double,triple crochet. Very easy. This goes with Yellow hat.

      2. Yellow and pink rose :

 3. Scary Cute : 
  Its Halloween doll, I made this in half single crochet and  sewed them together. Stuffed some cotton and small bells to make some sound. She loves it :) . But she did not get scared! :( .

4. Folded Origami scrap book
  4 Individual origami twisted folds combined to make a scrap book for Arushi. It is completely filled yet, Planing to write some of her unique activities or stages until she is 1 .

5.  6 feet long wool blanket
6. Baby pumpkin carve Print Friendly and PDF