Daliya Khichdi - Cracked Wheat Upma or Kichdi

Cracked wheat is made by crushing  the whole wheat into small pieces.  Cracked wheat contain relatively less calories but high nutrition values. It will be good source for loosing weight yet get more nutrition values.

1/4 cup of dry cracked wheat serves 8 -10 % of Iron Content and protein contents of daily serving.

Fiber in Cracked wheat :

In addition to keeping your body moving throughout the day, some carbohydrates take the form of fiber, a type of carb your body does not digest. Each serving of cracked wheat has 5 g. Fiber promotes the health of your digestive system and influences your bowel health, helping to decrease your risk of developing hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. Eating a carbohydrate and fiber-rich diet aids in maintaining a steady blood sugar level, preventing spikes that can damage your health.
source : Livestrong.com 


Cracked Wheat - 1 Cup
Water - 21/2 cups
Green Beans - Finely chopped; ~1/2 cup
Carrots - Finely chopped ; ~1/2 cup
Peas - 1/2 cup
Ginger, garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Onion - Chopped, 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste (optional)
Green Chilly - 1 or more :per your taste bud

Seasoning : 

Butter - 1 Tbs
Musturd Seeds - 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Hing a pinch
Turmeric - a pinch

Easy Steps :

Soak the daliya in water for 10 minutes.

Heat Butter in a pan. Add cumin seeds, urad dal, fry for couple of seconds. Add mustard seeds, hing and turmeric. Once the mustard seeds starts to crack add ginger garlic paste and green chilly. Fry until golden brown for few seconds.

Add Vegetables, soaked daliya.  Add salt, sugar and mix it well. Add 1 2/2 cups of water. Cook on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes until the hard cracked wheat's are soft and easy to chew. OR you can pressure cook for 3 whistles. use little less water if using pressure cooker.

Either you can make it like mushy like kichdi or less mushy like upma.

Enjoy this healthy kichdi with raita or yogurt or curd.

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