Home made Vanilla Extract

I do not know why I never tried to make such an easy vanilla extract at home. I assumed that will not possible at all to make it  at home and so never tried. Other day I was browsing Internet and found this easy idea. Just a vanilla beans mixed with Vodka is Vanilla extract. Very simple right? . why to spend extra money outside when you can make it at home. I bought vanilla beans from Amazon.com . It works out cheap, instead of buying it from local store, they charge $8 for 2 beans!. It is like a robbery.
And Vighnesh had purchased Smirnoff Vodka for himself, I used a cup of vodka from that bottle. 

You need:

7-8 thick vanilla beans
Air tight jar - I used old salsa jar( cleaned! off course)
Vodka or Rum - 1 cup
Water - 1/4 cup

  • Run the boiling water over the jar to sterilize.
  • Cut he beans in to 2 inch long piece; roughly
  • Place the cut beans in the jar
  • Pour Vodka, water into in to it
  • Cover it tightly, shake once
  • Keep it in the dark, dry place - may be any closet
  • Keep it for 8 weeks
  • Shake it couple of times a week Or may be whenever you remember
  • And ready to use it.
  • You can take out the vanilla extract and pour more liquid preferred same kind and some more beans for future use.
  • You can use this extract for years.
  • Enjoy the home made vanilla extract.

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Hyma said...

wow...this is truly amazing. is this how they prepare it? an eye opener...thx again for such a brilliant post!