Pineapple Pizza

Looks yummy, doesn't it?
Bell pepper with pineapple goes so well, little sweet and little spice!, very delicious.

What Ingredients I used?
All purpose flour or self rising flour - 11/2 cup
Wheat Flour - 1 cup (optional, if you not using this increase the quantity of self rising flour) (wheat is more healthy though!)
Dry yeast - 1 package
Salt - 1 tbs
Sugar - 1tbs
Warm water - 11/2 cup (approximately)
Olive Oil - 2 tbs
Mozzarella cheese - 1 cup or per your taste bud
toppings - I used zucchini, bell pepper, pineapple, onion and garlic
Tomato sauce - I used Prego sauce - 1 cup ( little less than 1 cup)
Corn meal - 1 tbs
Flour  - 1 tbs

How did I Make?

Add 1 package yeast to warm water, stir once and let it rest for 10 minutes, Yeast gets activated in the warm water. Meantime mix all other dry ingredients like flour, salt, sugar. Once the yeast is dissolved add this to dry mix and kneed it well if you have food processor you save energy on kneading! you have to add all the ingredients to that and processor does the rest. Cover the dough with a cheese cloth or clean kitchen towel for 1 hour.
After an hour kneed it again for 1-2 minutes and cover it for another 1/2 and hour to 1 hour. The dough will be very soft and elastic.Now ready for making pizza?

Spread the flour on top of clean counter top, start rolling the dough using rolling pin or by stretching using hands. You can make how much even thick or thin you need. make little thin on the center and thick towards end. If it is not even, use the palm to make it thin and even. Make the lips with the fork on the edges. This fluffy looks good and it comes out more crisp.

Heat the oven to 500 degree Fahrenheit for at least 1/2 an hour. Place the pizza stone in the oven.

Spread tomato sauce evenly on the rolled pizza base, do not overload the sauce. Place pineapple pieces and other chopped toppings. Spread cheese on top the toppings!. you can sprinkle little salt and pepper if you like,

Sprinkle corn meal on pizza stone and transfer this base to stone carefully. and again keep it in oven on the lower rack for 12-15 minutes. Pizza is ready.!
Once it is slightly brown turn off the oven and let it rest for 2 more minutes.
Take it from the oven and serve hot! Enjoy

I tried Apple/paneer pizza the other day and came out wonderful.
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