Sull kadubu (sulgadubu)

I don't eat much of oily foods, so i used to tell my mom; make some food using less or no oil for me. She used preapre sulgadubu for me. Now my husband won't eat oily stuffs. so i make this one for him. He likes it very much. Ingredients:

Idli rava - 1 cup
Jaggary - 1 cup
coconut powder - 1/2 cup
brown sugar - 2 tbs
cardumum powder- 1 tbs
> Soak the rava for 10 minutes in the water. (We can use raw rice also in place of rava, if we use rice, soak it for half an hour to one hour. Way of doing is similar to the other alternative). grind the rava. It should be little thicker than the dosa batter. Add the jaggary to the batter and mix it well. Put the batter in to the thick base container and bring it for cooking. cook in the medium flame stove until it becomes thick. Keep mixing it through out, see to it that it is not sticking to the base. Add the cardumum powder for the best taste.
>Mix the coconut powder and brown sugar in the vessel. And make small balls with it.
>Apply little oil on to the plantain leaf or aluminium foil.
>Make a round ball from the cooked rava-jaggary mix and roll it on the leaf/foil. see to it that it will not become thin. Now put the coconut ball inside and fold it around the ball. keep it aside. Similarly make from the remaining mix.kadubu is ready!
> We can eat like this also with the ghee and coconut chutney or
>Pressure cook all the kadubus for 5 min. Searve with ghee or chutney. Print Friendly and PDF

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