Kadle Maddi

I love kadle maddi since i was child. Every time i go to home, my mom prepares some of my favorite dishes, kadle maddi one of them.
~channa daal - 1 cup
~toor daal - 2 tbs
~brown sugar/Jaggary - 1 -1.5 cup
~Ghee - 2 tbs
~coconut powder -1/4 cup
~sesame - 1 tbs
~cardomom powder - for taste
~cashew/ almonds/raisins -handfull.
> cook both the daals in the pressure cooker. cook until it becomes soft (dont mash it)
> Once the daal is cooked properly, pour sugar or jaggary to it and boil it again until all the water evaporates.
> After it became thick, make the flame low and keep mixing it (See to it that, it will not stick to the base)
> Add coconut powder and sesame to the mixture and mix it well.
> Add the cardomom powder and the dry fruits to the daal sugar mixture,
> Add the ghee and mix it well.
> serve hot.
Tip: If you it with ghee, it tastes amazing.

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