Jolada rotti/ white Corn rotti/chapathi

I cannot stop laughing the day I made the corn rotti for the first time.  Vighnesh had invited his friends to home and he promised them 'We will make jolada rotti and ennegayi' which is famous recipe in north karnataka. One of his friend from north karnataka and he was very excited about it.
You know how bachelors feel when someone invites for lunch. :) . I never prepared jolada rotti until that day in my life. And was not sure how to make it, I just made a dough just like wheat chapathi dough. It was such flop show, ended up throwing whole dough and made simple wheat flour chapathi instead.

Later, I learned it from my Mother-in-law; she is a great cook and now I make pretty good jolada rotti. Trust me :).  I keep getting appreciation from friends or vighnesh. Aw, It is been 3 years since corn roti was introduced in our regular diet.

So how do I make?

I use:

White corn flour - 3 cups
Wheat flour - 4-5 tbs
Water - ~3 cups
Salt - 3/4 tbs
Oil - 1/2 tbs
Sugar - 1/2 tbs

I Make:

Bring the water to boil in a pan, add salt, sugar and oil.  Once the water starts boil, add corn flour immediately and mix well. flour starts to thicken immediately and becomes like a dough. If it becomes liquidy; add more flour. Keep mixing with the spatula until all the water is absorbed and flour comes together. It will look like this

Take it from the heat and place it in a wide plate.  Now is the fun part! . When it is moderately heat, you need to kneed it to make single dough like chapathi dough.

* Keep a bowl of cold water and wheat flour near you
* Before the dough is cooled completely, start kneading with your palm. Dip you palm in cold water  and  start kneading again. It should become a thick, tough dough. If you think it is little watery, sprinkle wheat  flour and then again kneed.
* It looks like this,

* Cover and keep it until you are ready to make roti.
* When you are ready, make a medium size ball from the dough.
* Sprinkle wheat flour liberally on the rolling surface. I prefer aluminium foil or thick polythene cover   roll this roti as it is easy to rotate and flip into the pan.
* Start rolling slowly, It is like a  baby, so handle with care, it is not tough like wheat dough. If you need more flour sprinkle wheat flour to base and on top of rolling roti.
* Heat the pan to medium-high heat.

* Cook both side, flipping frequently. It looks like this,
Serve with Eggplant curry or your favorite gravy. Enjoy

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