Subway Sandwich (My version)

I prefer to make and eat cool, soothing sandwiches over hot rice sambar during summer days. This will be our lunch for couple times a week in the summer days.

I usually use swiss or mozerilla cheese but this time I used something different. We went to wisconsin for a vacation. you might be knowing, wisconsin cheese is very famous and tasty. We witnessed the cheese making  in one of the country side store and bought some cheese. Truely it is very tasty!.

What I used? (for foot long length bread)
Lettuce - sredded  1 cup
Tomato - thinly sliced 5-6 pieces
Cucumber - thinly sliced 5-6 pieces
Banana pepper - a few
Cucumber Pickle - 4-5 pieces

Olive chopped into halves - a few
Green bell pepper - chopped
Green onions and/ or french onions -  chopped
Alfalfa sprouts - 1/2 cup
Cheese of your choice, I used Wisconsin cranberry, pepper cheddar cheese
Italian bread

Dressings I Used for sandwich:
Honey mustard
Zesty Italian dressings & marinade

How did I do?
Cut the bread in the middle from one side. (like one side open and another side close!).  Place the cheese and grill high for one minute.
Now place lettuce first and then all the other vegetables, place neatly so that it all fits inside.
Add dressings and close it neatly and tightly to enjoy the sandwich.

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