Mung Sprouts

Sprouts are highly nutritious and enzymes which promotes the good health.  They are rich in digestible energy and rich in phyto chemicals, proteins and minerals.
According to Shipard (2005) - “Sprouts provide a good supply of Vitamins A, E & C plus B complex. Like enzymes, vitamins serve as bioactive catalysts to assist in the digestion and metabolism of feeds and the release of energy. They are also essential for the healing and repair of cells. However, vitamins are very perishable, and in general, the fresher the feeds eaten, the higher the vitamin content. The vitamin content of some seeds can increase by up to 20 times their original value within several days of sprouting. Mung Bean sprouts have B vitamin increases, compared to the dry seeds, of - B1 up 285%, B2 up 515%, B3 up 256%. Even soaking seeds overnight in water yields greatly increased amounts of B vitamins, as well as Vitamin C. Compared with mature plants, sprouts can yield vitamin contents 30 times higher.”

During sprouting, the beans lose their objectionable gas producing quality. Research has shown that oligosaccharides are responsible for gas formation. For maintenance of health, some amount of gas production is necessary but it should be within safe limits. As the process of germination ends and sprouting begins, the percentage of oligosaccharides is reduced by 90. Sprouts contain a lot of fibre and water and, therefore, are helpful in overcoming constipation.

How to sprout?
You can use any dry seed like alfalfa,pumpkin seed, coriander seed, fenugreek seed or legumes like mung, or any beans,  peas etc.

For mung sprouts:

Soak mung beans for overnight or 6-7 hours in a good amount of water. Drain the water and rinse well couple of times.  You can sprout in couple of ways :

  1. You need best quality mung beans
  2. Sprinkle some water and cover the bowl with wet cloth. It takes about 7-8 hours. Wash them once or twice in that sprouting hours. 
  3. Sprinkle some water and keep it in glass Sprouter Jar .
  4. Use the kitchen cloth to make sprouts, Wet the clean kitchen cloth and keep all the mung beans in the cloth to celver it completely, keep this in the bowl and sprinkle some water for say about once 2 hours.
Tips : Keeping these in dark room makes a crispier sprouts whereas sprouts grown in partial sunlight results in more nutritional content. Keeping weight on them results large and chunchy sprouts.

Why sprouts did not come so good?
May be because of the following reason :

  1. Seeds are left in water for days and days and then try to sprout from that!
  2. Or you washed the soaked beans and dried them ? . Little water is necessary for sprouting process.
  3. Temperature is too high or too low. Do not keep it in the fridge to happen sprout!.
  4. Not proper rinsing. 
  5. Low quality seeds or grains..
Follow the above steps to enjoy the home grown healthy sprouts.

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